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How To Celebrate Your First Pregnancy: by The Watsons


Step 1: Smile! This is a monumental occasion!


Hmmm. Okay. John, you got this!


Okay, well. Maybe next time..

Step 2: Comfort your wife. Hug her and show her just how excited you are!


Um, John, that’s Sherlock. I know it’s exciting and he broke the news, but maybe you should look at Mary now.

Definitely do not hesitantly touch her shoulder.


Okay. Congratulations, or whatever.

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So I was half watching a show that had a couple of eps back to back, just really fucking ragging on women. You know fucking seth McFarlane thinks we’re all sluts etc…

I let my partner know that I no longer want to bang tonight cause I’m too fucking angry. I let him know why.

He says that hey those kinda shows deal with outrageous stereotypes and I shouldn’t be upset.

That’s what he said, outrageous stereotypes. Like its not how every single goddam person is socially trained to treat women like shit. That its just something that happens in tv land. I was fucking furious.

I’m so tired of being … LESS, just because I’m a goddamn woman.


It was a moment Anthony Carbajal will never forget: standing on the stage of one of TV’s most popular talk shows, fighting for a cause that touches him and his family profoundly. All while his mom looked proudly on.

Watch Anthony and Ellen do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and see the full interview here.